What is a Poker Sit and Go Tournament?

Poker Sit and Go tournaments are usually played as mini-poker tournaments at one table, although some online poker rooms now offer two tables, creating a multi-table Sit and Go tournament.

Buy-In for a Sit and Go Poker Tournament

In order to learn how to play Sit and Go poker, it is important to understand how the buy-in works. Say that an online poker site is offering Sit and Go tournaments for $5 + $1, or perhaps $100 + $9, and any other amounts in between, the common thing that the player will see with Sit and Go poker tournaments is that there is an initial amount, a higher amount, and another smaller amount of money that is posted as the buy-in fee.

The first figure that is written in the buy-in is the amount that helps to make up the prize pool, because in Sit and Go online poker tournaments, the players are putting in the money that makes up the prize pool.

Usually, there will be a division of the winnings for first, second and third place, usually with the split going something like this:

– First place winner takes home 50% of the prize pool.
– Second place winner takes home 30% of the prize pool.
– Third place winner takes home 20% of the prize pool.

The number that is after the + sign, the smaller figures, is the money that goes to the online poker site for hosting the poker games.

The way the buy-in structure operates is that the lower amounts are for the lower skill levels of poker, and the higher buy-ins are for the more highly skilled poker players, and not for those who are learning how to play sit and go poker.

How to Play Sit and Go Poker Tournaments

Sit and Go poker tournaments can be played for a number of types of online poker games, such as a No Limit Texas Hold’em Sit and Go tournament. In an online poker tournament such as this, after buying in, players are all given the same number of chips to begin the game. Some sites will give players 800 poker chips, while others may give 1,000 or more.

Usually, the number of chips given to players to use during a Sit and Go increases as the buy-in fee increases, which means that the games that require more skill are also given more chips to play with, which means that these games may last a little longer than the lower-stake Sit and Go games.

Another important thing to know when learning how to play Sit and Go poker is that the blinds in these games goes up either according to the number of hands played, or the time that has elapsed since the game began. Players will find that this affects their strategy considerably, and that it is usually best to play tight in the early states of the Sit and Go tournament when the blinds are small, and then when the blinds are higher later on in the tournament, it might then be a good idea to loosen up and play the Sit and Go poker tournament more aggressively.