An Overview

Generally, Sit and Go poker tournaments are mini poker tournaments played at one table. However, there are some pokers rooms available online that offer two tables and creating a multi table Sit and Go poker tournament.

How the buy-in works for Sit and Go poker tournament?

Understanding how buy-in works for Sit and Go poker tournament is important when you learn to play Sit and Go poker. For example, either an online poker website can offer Sit and Go poker tournaments for the amount of $5+ $1, or maybe for $100+ $9 or any amount that is in between. Here in the buy-in fee for Sit and Go poker tournaments, players will see a common thing that there is an initial amount, which is a higher amount and a smaller amount of money posted as buy-in fee.

As in the Sit and Go online poker tournaments, the prize pool is framed with the money that the players put in, the first figure or the initial amount in the buy-in fee is the amount to frame the prize pool. Generally, there are divisions of winning for the first, second and third places. The divisions or the splits are something like this:

  • The player, who holds the first position, takes away 50% of the Prize pool.
  • Second Place holder gets 30% of the prize pool.
  • And the 20% of the prize pool for the third place winner.

The second figure or the smaller amount after the +sign refers to the money, which the online poker website keeps for hosting poker games.

The buy-in structure operates in such a way that the lower skill level players do not need to pay higher amounts. Higher amounts are charged to highly skilled players only and not for the learners who try to learn playing sit and go poker.

How To Play Sit And Go Poker Tournaments?

One can play Sit and Go poker tournaments for various types of online poker games. In these types of tournaments, all the players are provided with the same number of chips to start the game. Some online poker websites may offer 800 poker chips or some may offer 1000 chips or more to the players. With the increase of buy-in fee, the number of chips that are given to the players will also increase. It means more chips are offered to the games that need high skills and allow the game to continue for longer time than low skill games.

Another important thing to know is that the blinds in these games also increase with the time elapsed since the game started or according to the numbers of hands played. This certainly affects the strategy of the players considerably.  It is best to play tight at the early stages of the tournament, as the blinds will be small. Later, when blinds are higher, a player can play more aggressively.