There are some good tips that can help the player in Texas Holdem. The tips are broken down in smaller sections for easy understanding like beginner Texas Hold’em player, the position you find yourself in, the Flop, the River and the Blinds.

It is important for the players to understand that how to read the board and pay attention to the finer details of the game. They need to make sure that they are not sidelined by other players. Conscious effort has to be put in on reading new articles and upgrading the game.

Starting Hands

As a new player, it may be very tempting to play a lot of hands as possible. It is important to make the correct decision as to which hands to play. It is good to select a few hands, rather than going with a particular hand. A lot of patience is required while choosing the number of hands to play and how that can put the player in a powerful position.

Tips- Top Texas Hold’em Tips

The first player to act with the two players on his left, are said to be in early position. The three players to the left of these players are known as middle position and the players that are remaining are considered to be in the late position.

The recommended hands for early position: It is great to raise when holding K-K,A-A or A-K which is of the same suit. This can be from any position you are in, which may also include the early position. The best time to call is when holding A-Q, A-K of the same suit, Q-Q, J-J, 10-10 or K-Q of the same suit.

For the middle position the recommended hands are: Call when holding a 9-9,A-J, 8-8, of the same suit, Q-J of the same suit, A-10 of the same suit or A-Q, or K-Q.

For the late position the recommended hands: The best time to call is when with you have any other card of the same suit and holding A, K-10 of the same suit, , J-10 of the same suit, Q-10 of the same suit, A-J, or A-10, along with other pairs.


When the players have completed posting their blind money, they should keep in mind that it is no longer their own. In case they have marginal hands, it may not make sense to call just because you have posted your blind. In other words it is better not to call if you do not have a strong hand and can probably save money that is left over for the small blind that comes next.


One main decision that has to be made by the player is to decide whether to continue with the same hand after seeing the flop or not. Top Texas Hold’em tips always insist that the player can define their Texas Hold’em hand.


When you see that you are holding a good hand once you turn the card, you should immediately place a bet in case you are the first one to act. However, if you have only one pair at that stage and another player has raised on the turn, then it is usually best to fold at this time.


The River is the final card to be seen. Only players who have strong hands, or one that has a good chance of becoming a winning hand, should still be in the game at this point. If you were relying on the river card, and it was not what you needed, you should not hesitate to fold your hand.

If you call a losing bet, you will lose the cost of the bet. If you fold your hand, and there was a chance of winning, you will have lost the pot, so it is often better to call in the case where you feel there is still a chance at winning.