The top Texas Hold’em tips can be divided into sections in order to make it easier for the beginner Texas Hold’m player, beginning with Starting Hands, the position you find yourself in, the Blinds, the Flop, the Turn, and the River.

Players also need to learn how to read the board and should make sure to pay attention to the game going on in front of them, and not allow themselves to be sidetracked easily. It is also important to ensure that you keep reading articles and constantly strive to improve your game.

Starting Hands

While it may be tempting to play as many hands as possible, it is usually best to make a good decision as to which hands to play. It is better to select a few hands, rather than playing hand indiscriminately. Having patience when choosing which hands to play will put a player in a position of power.

Top Texas Hold’em Tips Based on Position

The first player to act, along with the two players on his left, are considered to be in the early position. The next three players to the left of these players are in the middle position, and the players that are left over are in the late position.

Recommended hands for the early position: It is best to raise when holding A-A, K-K, or A-K of the same suit, from any position that you are in, including the early position. It is best to call when holding A-K, A-Q of the same suit, K-Q of the same suit, Q-Q, J-J, and 10-10. In this position, a player should fold with any other hand.

Recommended hands for the middle position: It is best to call when holding a 9-9, 8-8, A-J of the same suit, A-10 of the same suit, Q-J of the same suit, A-Q, or K-Q.

Recommended hands for the late position: It is best to call when holding A with any other card of the same suit, K-10 of the same suit, Q-10 of the same suit, J-10 of the same suit, A-J, or A-10, along with other small pairs.


Once players have posted their blind money, they should remember that it is no longer theirs. If they only have marginal hands, it does not make sense to call raises simply because you posted your blind. Rather, do not call if you do not have a strong or reasonable hand, and save the money left over for the next small blind.


One of the biggest decisions that needs to be made is whether to continue with the hand after seeing the flop. One of the top Texas Hold’em tips is to tell the player that the flop can define your Texas Hold’em hand, and if you do not have a good hand in front of you, it is best to fold your hand at this time.


When you see that you are holding a good hand after seeing the turn card, you should place a bet if you are the first one to act, however, if you hold only one pair at this stage, and another player has raised on the turn, then it is usually best to fold at this time.


The River is the final card to be seen. Only players who have strong hands, or one that has a good chance of becoming a winning hand, should still be in the game at this point. If you were relying on the river card, and it was not what you needed, you should not hesitate to fold your hand.

If you call a losing bet, you will lose the cost of the bet. If you fold your hand, and there was a chance of winning, you will have lost the pot, so it is often better to call in the case where you feel there is still a chance at winning.

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