Poker Sit and Go Tournament

This is normally played on one single table although some poker sites offer two tables creating a multi type tournament.

 Sit and Go Poker Buy –In Amount

To understand the way to play sit and go poker you need to know the principle of buy-in. If a poker site is offering five plus one dollars or even hundred plus nine dollars that will be the starting amount. Higher amounts are always available and it is up to you to choose the amount.

Prize pools are always built up by the initial amount that is present in the buy in tournament. A prize pool is a term used for the sum of money put in by all the players in the table.

The money put in on the table is spilt up between the last three players on the table. The first, second and third place takes 50% 30% and 20% of the winnings respectively.

The rest of the money on the table goes to the poker site for hosting the game. This whole software operates on lower sums of money for new players and operates in much more amounts for people who are experienced in this game.

 Ways to go about Sit and Go Poker tournaments

No limit Texas tournament and other such online games are the kinds of games that sit and go can be played on. After buying in on a certain game players are given equal number of chips to begin. This number however varies from site to site.

The chip amount keeps on increasing as the buy in money increases in the case of a sit and go tournament. This requires a certain amount of skill as the chip amount may keep on increasing.

One of the most important things to know while playing is that the blinds put in increase due to the time lost since the game begun or due to the number of rounds played. The increase makes it hard for the players and thus it is always better to choose a table with a smaller amount than to go for high tables.

Always go for a table with small amounts so that as an when bids get higher the game does not affect your strategy. As players get knocked out the game gets tougher as the competition keeps on increasing. When you are a new player and if you are unsure about your cards it is always better to fold. By folding you have lesser risks of being kicked out and at the same time you have chances of taking the third position. So unless you have great cards and you are sure of winning the round it is always better to put in less money or just fold to avoid the mess. In the first round itself a number of people get out so you always have chances to win the round if you play safe.