Sit and go poker tournament can be best described as a contest that takes place at a single table. However, a number of online poker rooms do offer dual tables and hence create a multi table tournament.

The Buy-in process in Sit and Go poker tournaments

Before a player opts to play sit and go poker tournament, it is highly important that he/she understand the buy-in process entirely. For instance – an online poker source would ideally offer sit and go tournament for an amount of $100+$9 or even for $5+$1 or also for some amount that falls in between these two.

Usually, the buy-in fee is not a very high amount. Being a rather small amount, a number of players are attracted to play the tournament. When it comes to sit and go poker tournaments, the prize money is not fixed. It is directly dependent on the number of players participating in the competition. This is because the prize amount is equivalent to the money that players put in to be a part of the tournament.

More often than not, winners are differentiated as per first, second and third position. The final division looks like something following.

The winner of the tournament, i.e. the player who comes first would take away as much as 50% of the total prize pool

  • The player occupying the second position would walk away with 30% of the total prize money
  • The third and final position player would take home the remaining 20% of the total prize amount

The second figure after the +sign suggests the money that the website has kept in order to host various poker games. One of the highlights of buy-in structure is the fact that it benefits players with low skill levels. These players are not required to shell out higher amounts in order to be a part of the tournament. Higher amounts are usually charged to players who have very good experience and a great track record in sit and go tournaments.

How can a player go ahead and play sit and go poker tournament?

A player can simply register at any online casino website that offers this tournament. Usually, all the participating players are provided with same amount of chips in order to start sit and go tournament. There are websites that offer as many as 800 poker chips to the players. Few online casinos also offer 1000 poker chips. As the buy-in fee goes on increasing, there will be an increase in the number of poker chips as well. This would mean that more number of chips would be offered to players which also states that the game would go on for a longer time.

In sit and go tournaments, blinds too go on increasing depending upon the length of time the game is being played for. This aspect certainly has an impact on the strategies of players. Usually, when the number of blinds is on the higher side, a player can go ahead and play more aggressively.